Guvvieh: CJ Utsi

Share your story

Who can share their story?
The Commission is inviting Sami people to provide testimonies, in interviews or through written accounts, about their own or close relatives’ experiences of the policies pursued by the central government’s towards them, and how historical wrongdoings affect the Sami’s present conditions.

How will the interviews and written accounts be used?
The interviews will be recorded and printed out. After the interview, you may add, change or remove information you have provided, if you wish to do so. The Commission will save both the audio files and the printouts. Interviewees will be anonymous in the printouts, though anyone who wishes for their identity to be included has the right to it. The audio files, printouts and written accounts are subject to secrecy. Everyone who works in the Commission has a duty of secrecy. According to the current regulations, when the work is concluded, the Commission will hand over all material to the National Archives. The material then remains protected by secrecy, and the data may only be disclosed if they are needed for research or statistics, or if they are not directly attributable to an individual.

What is expressed in the interviews and written accounts will be used by the Truth Commission for the Sami People.
• in its exploratory and investigative work, and proposals for measures, and
• to convey information to the public about the history of the Sami and how historical wrongdoings affect the Sami’s present conditions.

How do I register for an interview?
The Commission will invite people to organised conversational meetings in Swedish Sápmi and several locations in southern Sweden. At the meetings, the Commission will invite individual people to interviews, in addition to informing participants about its work. You will have the opportunity to register for, and sometimes also schedule, an interview.
You can also register your interest in being interviewed by sending your contact details to or sending a letter (se address below). You will then be contacted by the Commission’s Secretariat to schedule an interview.
Voluntary participation is a fundamental premise for the Commission’s collection of testimonies. You must therefore register if you wish to be interviewed. If you register via a legal representative, it must be in dialogue and consensus with the interviewee.

The deadline to register for an interview is February 15, 2024. The deadline for written accounts is April 15, 2024.

How do I provide a written account?
Send your written account to or by post to the following address:
Sanningskommissionen för det samiska folket (Ku 2021:02)
103 33 Stockholm

Secretary/interviews Marja Skum
+46 (0)761273764

Secretary/interviews Lena Kroik
+46 (0)761136546

Sekreterare/intervjuer Elli-Ristin Tuorda

+4676-110 94 16

You may remain anonymous.

Read more here about how we process your personal data: (link)

When and where will the interviews be conducted?
The interviews will begin in February 2023 and continue throughout the year, and part of 2024. Once you have registered for an interview, we will contact you to decide on a suitable time and place, as well as the language in which the interview will be conducted. An interview may also be conducted online.
Available support counselling
Recounting negative or offensive experiences can cause discomfort or feelings that can be difficult to handle. Everyone who is interviewed by the Commission will be offered support counselling. You will receive more information about this in connection with the interview. If you have questions now, please send an email to or call 0761273764 for more information.