: CJ Utsi

Conversational meetings in Sápmi

On the Swedish side of Sápmi and in some locations in southern Sweden, the commission has arranged 29 dialogue meetings during 2023-2024, as well as a number of youth meetings. The aim of the meetings has been to spread information about our mission and to anchor our work with the Sami people, as well as to create dialogue. Another important purpose of the meetings has been to inform about the possibility of sharing one’s story/narrative during a personal interview.
Over 270 registrations for testimony had been submitted when the last date was passed on February 15, 2024. At the beginning of June, over 200 interviews had been conducted. More than 40 written testimonies have been submitted.
The conversation meetings started in Umeå in November 2022 and ended in Lycksele on January 25, 2024. In total, 29 conversation meetings were arranged around Sápmi and in the larger cities of Sweden. You can find news from the meetings here.
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(The commission has visited more places than those shown on the map below.)